Hello World!

Welcome to Note Bookkeeping!

We have been so busy running both of our businesses that we have only just finished our Bookkeeping website! This happily coincides with the exciting news that we are being featured in the Langara Continuing Studies campaign!

Natasha and I both completed our Professional Bookkeepers Certificates at Langara College so we have to thank them for their awesome program. It was the catalyst that set us on our journey years ago and finally led us to start our own business in June of 2015. We are very honoured to have been selected for this campaign.

Coming soon to a bus-stop near you (eeep!), you can see a preview of the campaign below with a snap of the Cover page of their Guidebook. 

Click here to see the PDF version Guidebook and our article inside!

Interested in working with us? Our client list is diverse and growing! We cater to Creative Professionals and local small businesses. We'd love to hear from you, drop us a note at hello@notebookkeeping.ca